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2023 RV Rentals Incoming

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Remember how we thought 2022 was finally going to return back to "normal"? Yeah, then February 24th rolled around and the joke was on us... Anyway, we never stopped moving forward (even though diesel was stupid expensive, and still is) and have some exciting announcements (including a SALE at the end).

1. New Partnership with Forest River

After many years of renting multiple brands, a lot of negotiating, and enough rejection from dealers and manufacturers to break Chuck Norris, Easy Camper Rental has finally entered a partnership with Forest River!

Over the next couple years all other brands will be phased out of the rental pool. Starting this season we will offer 2 new floorplans with the already existing fleet. Wolf Pup 16BHS (Wolf 17' Bunkhouse) and Grey Wolf 23DBH (26' Bunkhouse with Slide).

All the hard work to provide you with the best experience possible! Check for more details and real-time rates and availability.

Years of searching we have finally found a lot to centralize the fleet in order to save time so we can scale and eventually provide more options for you. Campers will be stored, delivered from, and picked-up/dropped-off at this location (similar to how Taylorsville location already works). Here are some changes to note due to this location:

- Address = 3048 S 1475 W, Ogden, UT 84401

- Pick-up/drop-off locations free from this location, Mountain Green location, and Taylorsville location.

- Pick-up/drop-off from Farr West or Centerville adds $9. Obviously $9 doesn't come close to the cost to stage a camper in those locations, but to help save time so we can focus on providing better options/service we are hoping this $9 sways some people to come to the West Ogden location and such a small amount that it doesn't sway anyone away that wants to use those locations.

- On another note, we need a site plan done to develop this land so if anyone knows a good civil engineer please email

3. Anderson Weight Distribution Hitch

You might think testing multiple weight distribution hitches is fun, but we're here to spare you, it's really not. However, we did it so we could provide the best, easiest, and lightest weight distribution hitch as a rental add-on to the new 26' Bunkhouse with Slide.

The weight distribution hitch isn't necessary as the trailer weight is only 5,300 lbs, but many people have asked for the option and we have delivered the Anderson Weight Distribution Hitch.

4. Loyalty

THANK YOU to all of you who have been loyal to us through the years. We know there are multiple options for rentals, and even though on average we are $130 cheaper than any competition (based on a summer 4 night rental) there is often a loss leader in the market that may be appealing.

It's because of you we press forward, keep prices lower than anyone else, and provide the best RV rental experience possible even though costs have risen by over 30%.


More details to come, but we are happy to announce a host program. This program will have two options, one will allow anyone in the right location with the right situation to take care of an Easy Camper Rental unit. The other option will allow a license of Easy Camper Rental which will include many benefits, most of which, preferred pricing on rental units.

Sorry, we know there are more details on a pirate's treasure map, but below are some requirements. If you (or anyone you know) are interested please email with your tow vehicle year, make, model and city location.

- Tow vehicle

- Close access to a rv dump station

- Camper storage area with access to electricity

6. Sale

Now to what everyone has been waiting for!

Out of the goodness of our hearts (and because cash flow is terrible right now) for 1 week (ending Wednesday, February 8th) we will be offering a non-refundable discounted rate on ALL dates for the 2023 season. Here are the details:

-If you currently have a reservation and want to switch to the nonrefundable discount just email or text 801-845-6653 and we will switch you.

- Booking is non-refundable and charged in full after you booked with the discount codes below.

- If you do need to cancel or change dates you can save the amount paid and apply it to a new reservation within 2023 season; however, rate and discount(s) may change.

- 10% off the daily rate for spring dates (March 21 - May 23) use discount code NONREFUNDSP (3 night minimum)

- 10% off the daily rate for fall dates (September 6 - November 1) use discount code NONREFUNDFA (3 night minimum)

- 5% off the daily rate for summer dates (May 24 - September 5) use discount code NONREFUNDSU (4 night minimum)

- Add to your fun, and discount amount by 5% (15% for spring/fall and 10% for summer), if you book multiple reservations or you and a friend/family/stranger you talked into booking books also. Simply book WITHOUT ANY DISCOUNT CODES then email or text 801-845-6653 with the reservation names and dates and we will apply the higher discount amount.

7. Thanks!

Thank you again and here's to a great 2023!

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