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Easy Camper Rental Process

Travel Trailer Rentals with 5 easy steps!

Travel Trailer Rental Utah
Utah Camping


Click the BOOK NOW button to view real-time rates and availability and book a camper (or call/text 801-845-6653). You may customize your rental with add-ons (see below in frequently asked questions for what is included in the reservation). For maximum convenience, campers can be picked-up/dropped-off from multiple locations (listed on BOOK DETAILS page).

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All functions of each camper are covered in a video on Easy Camper Rental's YouTube channel; a link to the video is provided in your reservation confirmation email. Also, each camper has a comprehensive operations binder located in the camper. A few days prior to pick-up you will receive an email with online documents to sign. Once the document is signed and finalized, you will receive another email with the exact location of the camper and a unique 4 digit code to unlock the lock box to retrieve the keys.



Pick-up of the camper is simple, all information, including exact location of the camper, will be provided in an email a few days prior to pick-up. All documents are signed online so all you have to do is show up, enter the 4 digit unique code to unlock the keys for the camper, hookup the camper, and you are on your way. Pick-up time is any time after 2 PM and if you need an earlier pick-up (as early as 8 AM) there is an add-on option.

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Unless otherwise indicated, please drop-off the camper at the same location as pick-up, place the keys in the lock box, and send a text, email, or call and let us know the drop-off is complete (please let us know if there were any issues). Please drop-off by 2 PM, and if you need a later drop-up (as late as 5 PM Mountain Time) there is an add-on option when booking.

RV Camping Utah
RV Rentals Utah


If no damage is found the security authorization will be released within 1-5 business days of drop-off.

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6. Be the Happiest Camper!

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