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Host Program

Hosting is very simple and lucrative! All you do is make sure the trailer is ready for renters by ensuring the tanks are dumped, the trailer is cleaned, and minor maintenance is completed (i.e. fixing a hinge on a cabinet, etc.). You are given a trailer so you have no liability, The trailer is fully insured, you don't need to interact with the renters, and there are benefits if you want to use the trailer.



1. Good location close to a dump station, with easy pick-up/drop-off area, area for storing the trailer, and a secure location for add-ons (i.e generators, etc) and your cleaning supplies.

2. Tow vehicle capable of towing at least 8k pounds and equipped with a 7-way connection and trailer brake controller.

3. Cleaning supplies (rags, cleaning/disinfecting spray) and a handheld vacuum. Supplies you most likely already have at your house.



1. You are provided a travel trailer for the rental season, late March to early November. You won't be required to store the trailer in the off season/winter.

2. You will have access to the booking software to view reservations and their details for your trailer.

3. 10% off daily rate and no cost for early pick-up/late drop-off for any personal reservations. The trailer is at your house so the reservations are very convenient for you.

4. $70 per reservation paid for each reservation completed. Average time to turn over a reservation is 1.5 hours so almost $47/hour.


Potential for More Money:

1. Generators  are a necessary available add-on. I can provide two 2250w Inverter generators with a parallel kit or if you want to buy 2 generators and a parallel kit then if the generator is rented you will make 90% of the rental (10% is taken for logistics, support, and platform/cc cost of the add-ons). 

2. You can buy other add-ons and also get 90% if those are rented. For example: Kitchen kit, dinnerware kits, linen kits, etc.

3. If someone books the Easy Clean add-on you will get 90% of the cost.

4. If a guest wants a trailer delivered and you are the closest location the delivery fee is $4.50/mile from your location (one way) and you are paid 90% off that. So if something is 50 miles away it's $225 delivery and you would receive $202.50.

5. Fixing major maintenance if something breaks is paid out extra. This should be very minimal, but things happen.


Future Potential:

1. After 2 successful seasons you can move to Host+ program which will allow you to purchase a trailer at significantly lower cost than from a dealer, the host program will work the same, but will move to a commission model since you now own the trailer.

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