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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Valentine, Nebraska... and 1 new reason!

Updated: Jan 4

Some of you are thinking, "Where is Valentine?", others are thinking, "Where is Nebraska?". Then there is a small, lucky portion of you thinking, "Valentine is awesome, but why should I read a blog post about it?" All three questions will be answered (except "where is Nebraska", look it up on Google Maps before you embarrass yourself) so here goes!

1. The Niobrara River

The 76-mile Niobrara River is a great place to explore, camp, kayak, and float with family and friends. Because the Niobrara is in its natural state, the National Park Service designated it as a National Wild and Scenic River. There are many outfitters renting canoes, kayaks, tubes, etc (and now #6 on this list). Whether you float down the river or follow the river road, experiencing the Niobrara is a must-do.

Niobrara River, Valentine Nebraska
Niobrara River

2. National Geographic Tells you To

Has National Geographic ever led you wrong. No, no they haven't so listen to them on this one as they included Valentine, NE in its list of the best 100 adventure towns and cities.

Read the article HERE

3. Do You Like Waterfalls? Yes you do, everybody does!

So many waterfalls to explore

Smith Falls, in Smith Falls State Park. Walk across the footbridge and up wooden stairs to view the 70-foot-high falls. Walk down to stand under the cold, spring-fed water.

The 40-foot-high Fort Falls cascades down the slopes in Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge.

The Norden Chute near the Norden Bridge.

The Snake River Falls are located on the Snake River Preservation Group’s property.

Smith Falls Valentine Nebraska
Smith Falls

4. Awesome Golf Courses

When you're done floating down the river you can go hit a small white ball around and get stuck in the many sand traps (this area is called the "Sandhills" for a reason).

Public Frederick Peak Golf Club east of Valentine and/or the Prairie Club tucked into the Sandhills south of Valentine.

Even if you don’t golf, ride around the courses. The contrasting landscapes between the Dunes Course and the Pines Course are Cherry County in microcosm.

Golfing Valentine Nebraska
Many Golf Courses

5. Merritt Reservoir

Pack up your fishing gear, water toys, and hunting gear for an all-around outdoor experience at Merritt Reservoir State Recreation Area in the Snake River Canyon. It’s 26 miles south of Valentine, deep in the Nebraska Sandhills. The 2,728-acre reservoir reaches 100 feet deep. Fish for walleye, crappie, and white bass. Drive whatever boats you have, launching from five ramps and seven docks. Look for sharp-tails and prairie grouse, whitetails and mule deer, wild turkeys, and waterfowl during hunting seasons.

Merritt’s isolation makes it a prime stargazing.

Merritt Reservoir Valentine Nebraska
Merritt Reservoir

6. Easy Camper Rental is in Business

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, now Easy Camper Rental has a location in the heart of Valentine Nebraska to serve you. You can pick-up/drop-off yourself or have the camper delivered to many campgrounds, or area of your choice, within 40 miles.

Local resident Josh Hawthorne is the owner/operator of the Valentine, Nebraska location. Josh has a great track record of serving the local area and is there to serve you during your camping adventure.

Just one more way you will be the happiest camper!

Easy Camper Rental Valentine Nebraska

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