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How to Spend More!

Isn't it the best when you're planning a vacation and while booking your accommodations you find a seemingly great deal for $99/night for 4 nights and before you checkout the total price is inexplicably $1,843? Then you think to yourself "ok, I did math in high school so ($99 x 4) + taxes * {log(b)=c ^ 4th dimension}"...nope still doesn't equal $1,843.

Then you see the breakdown they provide and... $450 cleaning fee (and you're provided specific instructions on how to clean it yourself), $250 prep fee (soooo it wasn't cleaned before???), and $500 service fee (provides you nothing, well, maybe they will give you the WiFi password if you ask nicely).

Aren't these fees so much fun? If you like these fees as much as I do, then you are probably excited to know that a couple months ago all peer to peer RV rental sites (Outdoorsy, RVShare, Good Sam, etc.) went crazy adding additional fees and hiking their insurance rates. Follow along as I explain why... and maybe you can win a prize!

4 Nights at $99 totals $779.62 on Outdoorsy (real cost $194.91/night)

  1. Insurance rates increased dramatically ~2 months ago. The biggest reason is because insurance claims increased on those sites. I'll spare you the details, but if you want to know why just reply and ask.

  2. They charge motor vehicle rental tax on all reservations even if it's just a trailer.

  3. Prep fee... what exactly is this person prepping?

  4. Service fee... my personal favorite because Outdoorsy doesn't make enough by taking 20% of the reservation amount as their cut so they then charge you to use their site.

I won't bore you with screenshots from other sites, but here is a quick breakdown for same dates, similar trailers, and comparable inclusions:

- RVShare = $766

- Access/Bish's = $852.42

- Utah RV Rentals = $740.03

Now you're thinking, well Easy Camper Rental must be around the same price... wrong!!! $250-$305 less than any other reputable rental source with better inclusions and insurance. I know you love to spend more than you should, but if you find it in your heart to support a local, small, family owned business that's not trying to price gouge you, then Easy Camper Rental is the best option.


Help Easy Camper Rental grow, and continue to provide the best value while providing more options for trailers, motorhomes, and other recreational vehicles in the future. To do this, share this post on social media, forward the email to your entire company directory (disclaimer, don't actually do that), whatever it takes to help others not spend more!!!

- Easily copy and share this post

- Have fun and copy the images from this blog and create your own post and tag @easycamperrental

Tell everyone to tell us that you referred them and I'll send you a prize. Not sure what, and saving you (and your friend) $300ish should be enough, but I'll think of something you'll love!

If you made it this far, thank you, and I hope it at least made you smile

- Micah Foster, Owner

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