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Here Comes 2022

I know you have all been waiting to hear what Easy Camper Rental has been up to. Well, buckle your seatbelts because 2022 is coming in hot! And for all you that don't care and just want to know what the spring sale is going to be, just skip to the end... you're welcome.

1. New Trailers

Countless hours brokering a deal between 3 different dealers and a manufacturer finally paid off and I'm happy to report we have some new trailers! Gulfstream 199DD (17' Bunkhouse) and 248BH (24' Bunkhouse) to go along with the Jayco 264BHW (26' Bunkhouse). Stock photos below for the new trailers and more photos and videos to come.

2. Updated Website

May not seem like a lot, but the website has been revamped for a better flow. Just goes to show I am dedicated to the best even in the small details.

3. Competition and Loyalty

Seems like on a weekly basis someone approaches me saying they know I rent campers and they are thinking about doing that and want some pointers. First, it's a weird request, you wouldn't go to the owner of Crumbl and ask for recipes so you can open a cookie shop. Second, it's always someone doing well in their career. In my mind, I always think, "why?" I've gotten good at deflecting these requests, but people think hospitality is easy, they think renting campers is easy, but what they fail to understand is hospitality is extremely hard. The "shop" NEVER closes, you work while others play, open 7 days a week, constantly fixing things, some people do weird things, and inevitably a brand new camper comes back with the awning completely torn off (yep, that happened).

Hospitality isn't for the amateur, yet unfortunately, hospitality has been taken over by amateurs. The result of this is lack of loyalty to the consumer and poor service. Most recently 2 rental operations have folded up shop. One announced they will no longer be renting travel trailers, the owner of the other is now in jail for PPP loan fraud. On the other side of the rental spectrum is peer to peer rentals where it is telling that statistically a renter only lasts an average of 4 months on the site leaving the consumer up to a gamble of stable service quality.

My hope is that all recognize how dedicated Easy Camper Rental is to the craft of hospitality. This was the crux of starting the business. I wanted to offer something I wish existed in more industries, and I hope all the loyal renters over the years feel the love!

4. Hiring

More details to come, but I will be hiring someone this season to further enhance service (point in case for #3). Here are some quick details, and if you (or anyone you know) are interested please email resume to

- Work from home/anywhere with reliable internet/phone service. Training will be on-site, but shouldn't take much time.

- Role = Hospitality Manager

- Pay = $15-$20/hr depending on experience and how flexible you want the job to be.

- Possibility of making more through other tasks (i.e. trailer repair, etc)

- Days = Four 10 hour days: 8 am - 6 pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday

- 21+ years old

5. Spring Sale

Now to what everyone has been waiting for!

My birthday month is February so I have decided to offer 10% off for spring (Mar 16 - May 25) and fall (Sep 6 - Nov 2) dates if booked in February. Discount is automatically applied on the booking engine at

6. Thanks!

Thank you again and here's to a great 2022! - Micah Foster

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