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Fall = Mass Exodus to Moab

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Tis the season to go to Moab. Rent a trailer (limited availability, get on it), enjoy the perfect weather, and here are some activities for you!

1. Arches

Have you been to Moab if you haven't been to Arches National Park and tried to get the perfect sunset picture, but some schmuck wouldn't get out of the way?

2. Sand Flats

Sand Flats Recreation Area, slick rock with 140ish campsites, what more do I need to say?

3. Moab Museum

Moab Museum such a fun place for your 3 year old... no, no it's not, but it is pretty neat I guess. And besides a 3 year old, who doesn't love a museum?

4. Horseback Riding

People figured this out a long time ago. Why would you hike when you can ride a horse around? AND, now there are motorized "horses", to be continued...

5. Astronomy

Hear me out on this one. Why is Astronomy the study of the universe, and Astrology a bunch of hokum used to justify bad decisions? "ology" literally means "subject of study". Should it be the other way around (YES!) or am I being priggish? Anyway, less lights means better stargazing and Red Rock Astronomy will hook you up.

6. Hells Revenge

Hell's Revenge is one of like 20 billion trails in Moab, but it is definitely one of the best. Probably wouldn't recommend on horseback, but motorized horse of many forms is all sorts of fun.

7. La Sal Mountain Loop

If you get bored of all the awesome activities, or you're trying to get your kid to take a nap, there is the La Sal Mountain Loop. 100 miles of driving your call is cool (no pun intended... because of the picture).

8. Mountain Biking

Do I really even need to mention mountain biking, it's synonymous with Moab, right? There are mountain biking trails from beginner to holy crap I'm going to die. Whatever you do, don't go to Poison Spider Bicycles and ask to use their tools to fix your bike. Not only is it kind of weird, but they recently got a bad review for just such a happening and they called out the dude on Facebook.

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