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Must be 25 years old (or call/text for approval if younger) to rent a RV. All drivers of the tow vehicle must have a valid driver’s license.



Please contact (call/text) us prior to making a reservation for Burning Man or EDC to obtain approval and further information. A $5,000 fine will be imposed if the RV has been to Burning Man or EDC without consent.



At the time of booking, a refundable amount of $100 is charged as a deposit to hold the reservation and will act as a credit towards your reservation. At 14 days prior to pick-up the reservation remainder will be charged in full and become non-refundable.  At 2 days prior to pick-up an authorization will be placed on a credit card on file (trailer = $750, truck = $1,000, motorhome = $1,000). The authorization is released within 1 to 5 business days. once the RV is returned clean and undamaged.



For ease of renting, and superior value, comprehensive and collision insurance is included in all trailer rentals. A simple $49 daily cost for motorhome and truck rentals which includes comprehensive, collision, and liability insurance. $1,000 deductible (trailers) $1,500 deductible (truck) $2,000 deductible (motorhome) = Comprehensive & collision coverage for the RV. $2k/person medical payment and $25k/person or $65k/accident bodily injury. All tow vehicles are required to have liability insurance that extends to the trailer (this is included if renting a tow vehicle from Easy Camper Rental). Please contact your vehicle insurance provider to confirm if it does. If it doesn't you can add this for an additional fee through MBA insurance HERE



Absolutely no smoking of any kind in or near the RV (campfire smoke is ok). A $1,000 charge will be applied to any reservation if the RV smells like smoke. Please clean the RV inside and outside prior to returning which includes the following: all outside areas, refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave, kitchen sink, toilet, shower, beds, floor, unclogging toilet if clogged, etc. Any needed additional cleaning will be charged at $125 per hour unless easy clean add-on is selected which can be added at any time. For your convenience, dumping of waste and propane refill is automatically included in the reservation. Interior damage is not covered by the insurance policy; therefore, any interior damage, including any items inside the RV, will be charged at full cost.



Pets are allowed for $19 per reservation per pet, and please note the RV must be returned free from any pet debris. Any needed additional cleaning due to pets will be charged at $125 per hour unless easy clean add-on is selected which can be added at any time.



Call/text if you need approval to travel outside the radius listed. No trailers are allowed to travel outside of a 500 mile radius from Salt Lake City if renting in Utah and no trailer travel outside of 500 mile radius of Valentine if renting in Nebraska. Truck and motorhome rentals can only travel in U.S. and Canada. Max speed limit while towing is 65 mph.



All cancellations must be received 14 days prior to pick-up for full refund. Cancellations received within 14 days prior to pick-up are nonrefundable. There is no refund for late departures or early returns, trip interruptions, acts of God, etc. Full refund if the RV is unable to be rented due to any previous renter issues.


1. Rental period begins when the renter obtains possession of the keys and ends when the owner obtains possession of the keys.


2. It is the obligation of the renter to ensure the renter has liability coverage included in their tow vehicle insurance that extends to the RV rental (not applicable if delivery). The included RV rental insurance covers comprehensive and collision for the RV rental only. Any other liability is the obligation of the renter (example: if the renter backs the RV rental into a fence the RV rental insurance will cover the damage to the trailer, but the renter is liable for the damage to the fence). If renter’s tow vehicle policy doesn’t include liability that extends to the RV rental this can be purchased through MBA insurance for a small, daily fee (please contact owner for further information).  


3. Renter agrees to pay for any exterior damage incurred during rental period up to the deductible amount (trailer = $1,000, truck = $1,500, motorhome = $2,000) if an insurance claim is imposed. Renter agrees to not damage the awning and be mindful of any obstacles (especially park strip trees) that the trailer may hit. Renter agrees to not use awing in inclement weather/wind and retract when away from RV rental


4. Renter agrees to pay for any interior damage, including damage or loss of any accessories or mattresses, caused during the rental period. If any keys are lost there is a $100 charge to replace.


5. Renter agrees that any damage incurred, or items lost, will be cost to repair, or replace, at a rate of $129 per hour.


6. Renter agrees that any personal property is their sole responsibility, and the owner is not liable for any damaged, lost, or stolen personal property in any event.


7. Renter agrees to return the RV rental clean inside and outside as it was received. Any needed additional cleaning or unclogging of the toilet, will be charged at $125 per hour unless easy clean add-on is selected.


8. Renter agrees to return the RV rental no later than the agreed time. Renter agrees to pay $5 per hour after the agreed time. Any return after 5 pm will result in an extra night charge.  


9. Renter agrees to pay $5 per hour for any extra hours used on any rental generator (if applicable). Generator rentals come with 4 hours per night which are cumulative (add up each night of rental).


10. Renter agrees that if using a generator to power the RV rental that only an inverter generator will be used. Contractor generators aren’t recommended and can damage sensitive electronics (i.e., trailer power converter).


11. Renter agrees that they are responsible to ensure their tow vehicle is suited to tow the rental trailer with proper tow rating, correct receiver and hitch, working trailer brake controller, working 7-way connection, etc (not applicable if delivery). If the owner deems the renter’s vehicle is not suited to tow rental trailer, then the owner has the right to refuse departure at renter’s expense subject to cancellation policy with likelihood of no refund.

12. Renter agrees that the rental trailer will only be towed on maintained roads. No towing, or delivering, the rental trailer on rough off roads.


13. Renter agrees that max towing speed limit is 65 mph regardless of posted speed limit.


14. Renter agrees that no one is allowed on the roof of the RV rental.


15. Renter agrees that in the unlikely event of a breakdown or mechanical issue with the RV rental any emergency repairs must have prior authorization from the owner. Renter must save and submit all repair receipts for review when the RV rental is returned. Any retrieval or repair by the owner will be $4.50/mile + cost of parts + $129/hour labor cost. Reimbursement or waiver of fees will depend on the type of repair and its cause.


16. Renter agrees that should the RV rental need to be towed for any reason during the rental period the renter is responsible for the cost of towing. Reimbursement or waiver of fees will depend on the reason for towing.


17. Renter agrees that they won’t drive in a careless, negligent, reckless, or unlawful manner including (but not limited to) RV rental towed or driven by anyone other than the permitted driver, carrying any passengers inside the rental trailer while towing, driving under the influence of any drugs or alcohol that constitute driving while impaired under applicable law. A violation of this agreement voids all liability protection including insurance coverage and roadside assistance. It also makes the renter liable for all recover, storage, and legal fees that may be incurred.


18. Renter understands there are GPS Trackers on all RV rentals, for security purposes of the asset. Renter acknowledges the trailers aren’t tracked live but location can be tracked. Tampering with any tracking device is prohibited and can incur a fine up to $5000.


19. Renter understands that the owner is obligated to ensure the RV rental is in working condition upon pick-up by renter. Simple, normal travel while towing a trailer can cause items to loosen, possible weather leaks, or other unknown minor damage or needed maintenance. This is not the responsibility of the renter, but the understanding of the renter that the owner is not responsible for any issue caused during travel and will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Renter understands the installed carbon monoxide/propane and smoke detectors can have false alarms. Please contact the owner if alarm sounds for instructions regarding alarms.


20. Renter understands that inclement weather is a possibility and small leaks may appear. The owner will not be held liable for any issue with traveling, travel plans, or vacation happiness associated with inclement weather.


21. The owner shall not under any circumstances be liable to the renter or any third party for any indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages of any nature whatsoever (included but not limited to loss of property, use of RV rental, or vacation time), arising out of this agreement and/or the use or inability to use the RV rental even if the owner has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Additionally, the owner shall not under any circumstances be liable for any injury or death taking place during the rental period.


22. In no event shall the liability of the owner in connection with this agreement or the RV rental exceed the charges paid by the renter to the owner under this agreement.


23. The section numbers are for convenience reference only and will not be deemed part of the agreement or referred to in connection with the construction or interpretation of the agreement.


24. This agreement shall be governed by any appropriate laws. If any legal action is brought by either party against the other the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover, in addition to any other relief, reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses.


25. If one or more of the provisions herein shall be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in any respect, each such provision shall be deemed modified to the extent necessary and possible to render it valid and enforceable.


26. No term of this agreement shall be waived or modified except in writing signed by both parties. Renter may not assign his/her rights under this agreement without the prior written consent of the owner.

Rental Terms

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