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Good News for Crazy Times

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

It was a rough start to the camping season, but with state parks open, most BLM land, and national parks opening up it's time to get out and camp! If that's not enough good news here is some more.

1. NEW LOYALTY PROGRAM: Once you have completed 2 reservations with Easy Camper Rental please let us know and we will provide to you a unique discount code that you can use for 5% off the daily rate for any subsequent reservations. Please note that the discount can't be combined with any other promotions. If you have already completed 2 reservations please call/text 801-845-6653 and we will get you your unique code. If you haven't completed 2 reservations yet, get on it so you can be part of the cool kids club!

2. COVID-19: You know how all the random companies that you have ever even thought about buying something from are now sending you and email outlining their cleaning policies to keep up with CDC guidelines? Do you ever think to yourself, "so, you're saying you weren't cleaning before?" Well, Easy Camper Rental was one step ahead of Coronavirus. We have always disinfected the trailers after every use, and the independent pick-up/drop-off process creates social distancing. Easy Camper Rental 1 Coronavirus 0!

However, we understand times are uncertain so we have adjusted our cancellation policy from 14 days to 7 days to help ease anxiety about booking due to potential cancellations of events or closed areas.

3. IT'S A GREAT TIME TO CAMP: Although you may be lamenting that you are unable to go on a cruise, just know that with little to no international travel, this summer may be the best time to visit the local national/state parks that will be less crowded. If the parks aren't your thing there are so many beautiful locations close by in national forest or BLM land.

4. INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK: If you haven't already noticed we light to keep things light and fun with Easy Camper Rental. No spammy social posts, just good ol' fun. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook (@easycamperrental) and tag us in your camp photos or email them to us and we will post them for you!

Thank you again, and remember, Be the Happiest Camper!

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