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EDC Festival RV Rentals


EDC Music Festival RV Rentals

Renting a camper is easy. At Easy Camper Rental, we offers the highest level of hospitality, easy RV rental booking process, multiple pick-up/drop-off locations, and GUARANTEED BEST VALUE!


RV Rentals for EDC Festival

Easy Camper Rental is one of few that offers RV rentals for EDC. To schedule a travel trailer rental for EDC please contacts us for approval and a custom package by call/text at 801-845-6653


A. All rental types available at prevailing rental price.

B. 5 night minimum. Can rent for shorter duration, but will be charged for 5 nights.

C. Easy Clean add-on will not cover excessive cleaning including any glitter. Please return rental trailer clean or cleaning charge of $125/hr will be applied.

D. Fully refundable $1,000 security authorization. Please don't damage the rental trailer inside or outside.

E. Available 4,800w rental generator includes 30 hours of usage for $300. Any usage over 30 hours is $5/hr. 

F. All other add-ons available at normal prices.


EDC Festival Travel Trailer Rentals

EDC Festival
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EDC RV Rentals FAQs

We would like to pretend we know everything there is to know about EDC Music Festival in Las Vegas, but we don't. For any FAQs regarding EDC we recommend you visit their site by clicking HERE


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