About Us


Many years ago, I tried to rent a travel trailer for my family, and found the process to be unnecessarily complicated. Impersonal, clunky, and stacks of arbitrary paperwork. With years of hospitality schooling, resort management experience, and consulting some of the best resorts in the world I knew I could do better; not just for me, but for you!

Many don't understand that hospitality has to be a labor of love, the pay isn't great and the work is endless. This is why you will see many people come and go in the rental industry, it's extremely difficult. However, all the hard work has paid off and Easy Camper Rental is the highest rated rental agency in the state. We are loyal to you, and plan to be here many more years.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach me directly at 801-845-6653 (call/text)

Thank you for your business!

Micah Foster – Owner/Operator