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How to Pack for Your RV Trip

Easy Camper Rental is the easiest (and best value) way to rent a camper (travel trailer), and here are some tips on how to make packing for your trip easy too.

1. What's included in the rental?

Although there are many add-ons to enhance your reservation, the base rate of the camper includes RV toilet paper, BBQ stick lighters, 30 AMP to 15 AMP adapter, and other necessary towing/parking items. (see FAQs)

2. The essentials

- Kitchen items (or rent the kitchen kit and dinnerware kits)

- Linens (sheets, blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, etc.)

- Bug spray

- Sunscreen

- Camp chairs

- Trash can or bags

- Long (5+ nights) boondocking (no connections) trips may need a generator

3. Depending on Your Trip

- Items specific to your activities (see #5)

- It may take a long time to cool the fridge/freezer. Dry ice in a paper bag helps the cooling process.

- Watch the weather forecast for clothing

- Mountain temps (especially at night) are cold so bring warmer clothes if needs be

4. Be creative

Cooking while camping can be a fun experience. Try new things, and have desserts that you normally wouldn't (fun fact, calories don't count when you are camping). However, be mindful of what you have available to cook with. You may not have an oven, or a smaller fridge to store food.

Mentally go through your days and pack the necessities.


Camping is about escaping the hectic world and enjoying the more simple things in life. The number one issue we see (especially with new campers) is that they try to bring their entire house with them. This causes more stress than convenience. KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!

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